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State Representative 43rd House District



To set the stage for economic development and lead to job creation in our communities, it will take considerable commitment, bipartisan cooperation, and financial investment to renew Ohio’s infrastructure. It will become the responsibility of State Legislatures to see that the necessary infrastructure exists to meet the needs of the 21st Century economy in Ohio.”


• Advocate for biomedical research to make Ohio a world leader

• Encourage involvement in wellness and prevention programs

• Make certain that prescription drugs are affordable

• Ensure care for children who are at-risk and sick kids receive early detection services.

• Limit awards for non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases and seek alternatives to jury trials

• Ensure medical coverage to those who cannot afford it by delivering services more efficiently.


• Reduce barriers to job growth by creating policies that will attract new businesses/industries

• Focus on workforce development and job training

Quality of Life

• Create and maintain great places for workers to live and for our kids to learn and play by investing in the arts, in cultural activities,

recreational and natural resources, historic preservation, and tourism.


• Protect senior citizens from exploitation and abuse


• Make sure kids receive a world-class education by having access and opportunities to the tools they need to succeed.

• Demand results from all schools by teaching toward achieving excellence.

• Maintain a safe learning environment.

Higher Education

• Keep public college and university tuition low for Ohio's students

• Make sure that Ohio's universities are meeting the needs of tomorrow's employers and leaders by investing in community colleges,

vocational, and technical education by encouraging and investing in life-long education and vocational and technical training.


• Assure that veterans who fought for our freedoms have access to programs and services,e.g. to health care coverage, housing; training

and employment services; drug and alcohol counseling; mental health services, including relationship problems.


• Advocate for funding for aging and deteriorating roads, bridges, drinking water systems and wastewater systems and to development

brownfields sites.

• Promote Ohio as the right place for renewable energy technology investment

• Encourage students to develop math, science and engineering skills to use Ohio’s natural resources to power a new, vibrant Ohio





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